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PJS Air - PJS Air Project - University of Wollongong - Early Start facility

description of project

This is a place where research, education, and community come together for children, especially for those growing up in regional and remote Australia. No matter their background, circumstance or challenges.

Early Start is collaborative initiative between the Commonwealth Government, the Abbott foundation and the University of Wollongong to positively impact on the life trajectories of children growing up in regional and remote Australia. Early Start is an entity of the Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Early Start Facility is a new building which comprises of 5 levels inclusive of a basement car park and a plant room. The design and layout will accommodate a multidisciplinary education and research programme focusing on the importance of the early years of childhood development.

Given the nature & purpose of the facility the acoustic requirements throughout the facility were paramount. Our team has worked closely with the builder & architects to conceal the mechanical services above exposed acoustic ceilings.

To maintain the Open feeling & save energy, natural ventilation was achieved by having motorised façade windows & a vertical relief air shaft centrally located in the building. This is controlled by a weather station on the building which automatically operates the natural ventilation mode of various section of the building unless overridden by the operator.

Installation of a highly integrated BMS system to also interface with the hydraulic systems, lift services & remote control of various parts of the lighting system via the campus with BMS system.


Medland Metropolis

Design and Construct

University of Wollongong

Value of Project:

Completed 2013

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - University of Wollongong - Early Start facility

PJS Air scope of works for thIS project

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - University of Wollongong - Early Start facility


  • Construction development of the mechanical services plant room to include chillers, AHU’s fans etc
  • Design co-ordination of natural ventilation system
  • Acoustic evaluating each system and assurance of its fit-for-purpose


At all times co-ordinating with fire, electrical, plumbing, structural engineers whilst satisfying the requirements architectural & structural consultants

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - University of Wollongong - Early Start facility


  • Installation of 2 off Powerpax chillers ( 440 kw each)
  • Installation of 500kw boiler plant
  • Installation of 2 off Fibretech inducted draft cooling towers
  • 65 off AHU’s & FCU’s through out the building
  • Associated duty/standby chilled, hot water & condenser water pump systems
  • Exhaust fans & cross flow jet vent systems to create an integrated carpark system
  • Multiple fan systems for outside & exhaust systems including attenuators
  • 10 off mechanical services switch boards


  • The Architectural brief of several of the buildings FCL levels to maintain an open feeling, these constrains had a flow on issue of creating minimal space for all the services. This design element issue where highlighted early in project by our design team.
  • To accommodate this design element out team made significant changes to the duct design and AHU selections in the construction drawing phase of the project
PJS Air - PJS Air Project - University of Wollongong - Early Start facility


  • One of the design elements was to ensure the new BMS system was fully integrated with the universities existing BMS system
  • Engagement of a BMS contractor who had currently knowledge of the existing Siemens Apogee System
  • Low level integration of all hydraulic services.
  • BMS monitoring of lift services faults
  • Lighting control integration into the BMS system
  • Early-stage review & approval of the new buildings BMS points & control methodology by the consulting engineers & the universities engineering staff to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all parties would be achieved


Nil LTI’s.
All delivered on time and on budget.
100% client satisfaction.

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - University of Wollongong - Early Start facility

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