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O’ Connell St. Public School Parramatta

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - O Connell Public School Parramatta

description of project

The project involved the adaptive re-use of the buildings on the site of Old Kings School Parramatta as a new primary school to cater for 1000 students known as the O’Connell Street Public School. The school was commissioned by the Department of Education and opened in July 2018 and was then the largest public commissioned primary school in NSW.

The site contains a collection of buildings dating from 1836 to 1971 and includes buildings of exceptional heritage significance. The entire site is listed on the State Heritage Register (NSW).

The site comprised 4 heritage listed buildings for administration & 40 adaptive classrooms along with a 500-seat hall

Each building required a unique design solution defined by the structural limitations & the equipment needed to suit the specific occupancy needs, the intended future longevity, and the compliance and energy efficiency requirements.

Our team has worked closely with the Design engineer to design & construct the outdoor air-cooled plant, indoor air handler locations & duct locations to fit within the restrictive envelope of these old structures

At all times, our team ensured the seamless coordination of the mechanical services systems with electrical, fire, plumbing, structural and architectural services.


Wood & Grieve Engineers and design development to suit site requirements by PJSAir

Design and Construct

O’Connell St. Parramatta

Value of Project:

Completed January 2018

2018 Award for Heritage Architecture Creative Adaption, AIA NSW

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - O Connell Public School Parramatta

PJS Air scope of works for thIS project

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - O Connell Public School Parramatta


  • Design Development & installation of all mechanical services
  • Design co-ordination of a structural rooftop plant platform to best conceal the outdoor plant
  • Acoustic evaluating each system and assurance of its fit-for-purpose

Heritage Building:

  • Design all duct work & equipment installation to minimise impact on the heritage aspect of the structure

  • Design all Ahu & duct support system with minimal impact & penetrations into old timber beams & walls

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - O Connell Public School Parramatta

New Equipment Installation:

  • Installation of Daikin Variable Refrigerant flow systems (total 980kw) utilising a combination of 150 ducted fan coils, cassette units & wall split heads serving classrooms & offices throughout 4 separate buildings
  • Installation of 140 kw capacity Temperzone split ducted systems to service the 500-seat hall
  • Combination of Daikin central control systems along with a new open-protocol Direct Digital Controls (DDC) for all fans & auxiliary systems
  • 60 off fan systems for outside & exhaust systems
  • Acoustic ductwork & silencers on all ventilation systems
PJS Air - PJS Air Project - O Connell Public School Parramatta

Acoustic Requirements:

The school’s design incorporates flexible teaching spaces with adaptable room configurations designed to achieve a high level of acoustic performance and to provide a rich technological learning environment. This required the creative use of silencers through-out the ducted systems & careful selection of duct velocities & fan speed settings


Waste and ensuring the safe disposal of hazardous waste.


At all times co-ordinating with fire, electrical, plumbing, structural engineers whilst satisfying the requirements architectural and Heritage consultants.


Nil LTI’s.
All delivered on time and on budget.
100% client satisfaction.

PJS Air - PJS Air Project - O Connell Public School Parramatta

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