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intercontinental hotel, sydney

Intercontinental Hotel

description of project

The 35-storey building, built in 1982 required the 529 hotel rooms, front-of-house lobbies, the rooftop bar and restaurant and various back of house areas to be refurbished. The client also wanted to replace the existing HVAC systems in each of the hotel rooms, which could operate issue-free for the next 25 years.

The project requires for us to replace the existing HVAC systems in each of the hotel rooms and major plant upgrades. Our initial dilapidation report found the risers supplying chilled and hot water to the rooms were rusted and required replacement. From here we received approval to develop designs to replace 8 existing risers with a single central core located riser and ring main on each guest room level.

Following the initial design, the PJS Air team are permanently onsite for 18 months during the ECI process to ensure the project will be completed on time and to budget. Through the ECI process, the team is gaining a deep understanding of the overall building in order to create a system design which will guarantee operational efficiency and longevity.



Design and Construct

117 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000

Value of Project:

November 2020 (ongoing till 2022)

PJS Air scope of works for thIS project

PJSAir - Intercontinental Hotel - PJS Air Work


Conducting a full audit of the building’s HVAC system. The team found that the following HVAC system components were at their end-of-life, requiring replacement:
  • cooling towers
  • chillers
  • air handling units
  • chilled and hot water risers
  • BMS System
  • MSSB and essential services switchboards


  • related passive fire systems throughout the building.


  • 2 plant rooms and the air handling systems to create more serviceable access.
PJSAir - Intercontinental Hotel - PJS Air Work


  • pressure independent control valves to optimise pump efficiency through self-balancing and pressure control
  • future service related items including large access doors, permanent access ladders and safety rails around HVAC equipment for service access
  • air handlers on the floor rather than suspending them from gantries or the ceilings where possible
PJSAir - Intercontinental Hotel - PJS Air Work


  • 5km of pipe work including replacing chilled and hot water risers from corroded steel to stainless steel and copper
  • 24 air handlers in 2 confined plant rooms
  • all belt-driven air-handling units with AC and EC direct drive high-efficiency fan motors
  • the end-of-life central plant – new chiller & cooling towers


  • with an energy consultant to upgrade systems and controls where possible to increase energy efficiency.


  • hand-drawn drawings of HVAC system into CAD drawings.


Nil LTI’s.
Delivered efficiently on time and on budget.

Intercontinental Hotel

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