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New & Refurbished Grandstands, Giants Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park

Giants Stadium Sydney Olympic Park

description of project

The home of the GWS Giants AFL team, Giants stadium is one of the premier entertainment venues in Australia also hosting major summer festivals and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The redevelopment featured thousands of extra grandstand seats. Spectators also enjoy improved facilities, these include corporate entertainment amenities, function rooms, concession areas, toilets and player dugouts, as well as referee and media facilities

The new grandstand mechanical design & installation required considerable rework of initial concept design due to construction envelope restrains & the significant number of conditioned multi- function spaces required.

The existing grandstand required major changes to suit the new requirements

Our team has worked closely with the architects to conceal the outdoor air-cooled plant high in rear of the grandstand with ducted discharges concealed by external louvre panels. The design included pre-conditioning of the outside air before entering the indoor fan coil locations & duct locations to fit within the restrictive envelope of the old structures

From the outset, our team ensured the seamless coordination of the mechanical services systems with electrical, fire, plumbing, structural and architectural services.

AW Edwards

Design & Construction by PJS Air

Design and Construct

Sydney Olympic Park

Value of Project:
$1.6 Million

Completed 2012

Giants Stadium Sydney Olympic Park

PJS Air scope of works for thIS project

Giants Stadium Sydney Olympic Park


  • Design development of all mechanical services to include a combination of heat pump units & VRV heat pump units to best suit the requirements of each zone & room usage
  • Design co-ordination of access via set ceilings in most rooms
  • Installation of commercial exhaust systems including hoods for 3 areas
  • acoustic evaluating each system and assurance of its fit-for-purpose
  • Design & installation of ventilation system for player change & training spaces in the concourse area


  • Installation of Toshiba Variable Refrigerant volume systems (total 380kw) utilising a combination of 29 ducted fan coils, cassette units & wall split heads serving all the conditioned spaces
  • Combination of the Toshiba central control systems along with a new open-protocol Direct Digital Controls (DDC) for all fans & auxiliary systems
  • Installation of commercial kitchen systems
  • Multiple fan systems for outside & exhaust systems
Giants Stadium Sydney Olympic Park


Due to the structural & architectural design constrains, each air-cooled condenser was fitted with a low pressure drop ducted discharge, design within the static limitations of the fans


Due to the tight structural restrains, close co-ordination of all services was required to allow for reticulation of all the various long run pipe & drain services


The design included multiple pre-conditioning fan coils to help reduce the high outside air load before entering the various zones


Nil LTI’s.
Creative design to suit building restrains.
100% client satisfaction.

Giants Stadium Sydney Olympic Park

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